Monday, 2 November 2015

Nix Devs: One Year Later

Hello to anyone reading this! Jackson here. Congratulations on behalf of the Nix team to this years Off the Map winners. With Game City over we are now a year down the line from winning ourselves in 2014 - so we thought we'd post a small update detailing what we're all doing now, as well as some of our current creative projects.

Faye is now living in Cardiff and working for the virtual reality company Atticus Digital. She recently took part in a 48 hour Gamejam, helping create Dig Up, a game with mechanics similar to Snake.

Faye still aspires to create more VR games, and hopes to one day start her own company to do this. Her other projects include Comet's Tale, a puzzle game with some unique & interesting mechanics.

You can follow Faye on twitter here. here. But it might be better to email her. (Contact details are on this blog's side menu)

Seb also worked on Comet's Tale before graduating with first class honours. Now back in England, Seb is helping to create a variety of projects, including his own; Leaving The Nest. A game about being a pigeon in a near infinite city.

As for me - I've moved to Cardiff, and am currently looking for work whilst also working on my own project Tempest (soon to be renamed probably!).

Tempest is a multiplayer open world exploration game about sailing a ship with friends in pursuit of adventure. Helping create Tempest alongside Seb is also Gary Kings; writer, runner up in last year's Off the Map, and all round cool guy. His current game project is The Old God's Are Dead. Check it out!

That's all from us for now. We showed everything listed here at Game City 10 this year and had a great time doing it. If you liked Nix, please do check out some of our other projects!  


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