Thursday, 10 April 2014

Level concept designs

These are a few concept designs for the interior levels in the game:

The first is a simple corridor which will most likely be modelled on King Edwards gallery (this may be subject to change)

The player will, through picking up collectables, change the room eventually bending it to gain access to the next room, this will cause part of the room the bend vertically and water to pour into the room.

This will then allow the player to access the second part of this level (which will most likely be modelled on St Michaels Gallery)

The floor in this room is broken up and will appear for the player within a certain radius the challenge in this room is to slowly walk around the room working out the safe path to the door.  

This is an image of what a safe path could look like:
And this would be what the player actually sees:

We are currently in the process of modelling prototypes for these rooms.

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