Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WGDS 2014

On the 11th we tested our most recent build of Nix at the Welsh Games Development Show in Cardiff. We were there with another team entering for the off the map contest from our university (Shady agents). The event was fantastic and again we got a lot of great feedback, we had a lot less bugs this time around but still found more fixes that we needed to apply. There were quite a lot of children who ended up playing our game and their honest feedback was really great to hear.

We found we had a few more collision issues and our main issue was people getting stuck in the starter cave as well as not knowing what to do next. At the show we would explain that players should look for two things "blue orbs" to collect and "orange glows" to lead into new areas which we later shortened to swim to anything that's blue or orange.  

To fix the goal confusion after the show we added a second menu to come after the control menu which very briefly explains the main goal of the game.

To remove the confusion of the first cave we decided to change our first teleport in that cave to orange to reinforce that orange portals lead to new areas. 

[Before]                                                                                                     [After]

As well as this a problem that has plagued us since the beginning (swimming down at slow speeds) was fixed soon after the show so the players hopefully should no longer be discouraged from swimming up too high. 

All in all WGDS was a fantastic play-testing opportunity and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. 

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